What the former Bronco Coach thinks about his return to the Blue.    September 4th is the first Bronco home game in six years and the biggest since the showdown with TCU during the Kellen Moore Era.  Chris Petersen tells the AP/USA Today his thoughts on coming home.

“Boise’s a great place to go play a college football game. That’s the environment that kids like to play in, and so that’s great. What makes it hard, probably, on all the coaches here, is we recruited so many of those kids,” Petersen said. “You don’t want to play the kids that you recruited, because you want them to do well, you’ve paid attention and you follow them and you’re rooting for them and all that, and now you’ve got to go play them. That’s the hard thing about this game.”

Petersen is in his second season has the Huskies Coach.  His first year was a disappointing 8-6.  Coach Pete shared his thoughts about the atmosphere the Huskies will face at Albertson’s Stadium.  “I know what that environment’s like, and whether it’s good, bad, whatever, that lasts five seconds and then it’s on.  Those people are all there to see Boise win. That’s how it is, that’s how it should be, that’s how it will be.”

The predictably humble Coach Pete emphasized that the game is about the players on the field.  “It’s not about me. I’m going to get out of it because I don’t want to go over there and play because of the kids? You know, that’s the awkward part, but other than that, it’s great for Boise,” Petersen said. “They have a hard time getting games like that. They should make a lot of money off this game and all those different things. That’s what college football is all about, environments like that.”

It’s great to hear that Chris Petersen still remembers his time in the Treasure Valley.  He understands the importance to the Bronco Program of hosting a Pac 12 Team.  The prevailing thought from most was that the game would be cancelled.  Although he now wears purple, Coach Pete always remembers the Blue.