This feels like the great Hatchimal search of 2016 all over again! 

Image via YouTube/WowWee

Last month, Good Housekeeping named "Fingerlings" by WowWee as the hottest toy for the upcoming holiday season. The mini animatronic monkeys wrap around your finger, tennis racquet, Fingerlings accessories, etc.   Like the Hatchimal, these little guys have over 40 animations to let you know how they're feeling.  They blink their eyes, turn their heads, swing their curly monkey tails and make real monkey sounds. You can care for them by petting them, hugging and kissing them or rocking them to sleep. Each of them has their own name and comes in different colors.

Image via YouTube/WowWee

At a suggested retail price of $14.99, it's not going to break Santa's bank like a PS4 or Nintendo Switch would. But how hard are these going to be find in the Treasure Valley? Because they are brand new for 2017, the industry expert that Good Housekeeping talked to expects their popularity to skyrocket as we get closer to the holidays, making them near impossible to find in stores.

I browsed the in store availability at some of the biggest toy retailers and here's what I found out.

Target: Carries "Liv" with Monkey Bars & a Hammock, but she's currently unavailable within 100 miles of Boise.

Best Buy: Carries Zoe, Sophie, Mia and Bella but they're completely sold out online and in stores.

Walmart: Carries Boris, Finn, Bella, Mia, Sophie and Zoe but they are currently unavailable within 50 miles of Boise.

Toys R Us: Carries Bella, Zoe, Mia, Finn, Boris and several play sets.  They're currently out of stock, but Toys R Us website does suggest calling the local store to confirm that they're sold out there as well.

GameStop: This was the only luck we had Zoe is currently in stock at the store on 12th Ave Rd in Nampa! Rest of the little guys are sold out at GameStop too, but they are accepting pre-orders for some new Fingerling pets coming out in February.

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Multiple internet websites are claiming to have Fingerlings in stock.  It's always good to check the legitimacy of 3rd party retailers as many are passing off cheap knock offs, claiming they're the real deal.