Last Year Was Complicated is more than Nick Jonas's album title.  It kind of explains the past nine months of a former Bronco's life.

You might remember Troy Bacon as the offensive lineman that up and left Boise State after last year's game against Virginia. He then transferred to Portland State and was eligible to practice with the team during spring conditioning.

A few months later Bacon sold his Fiesta Bowl ring that he earned during his redshirt when the Broncos beat the Arizona Wildcats.

Now, he's facing charges after being arrested for impersonating an officer last month.  KTVB reports that Bacon pulled over a woman for "reckless and erratic driving" with a rented black Dodge Charger.  Police pulled over when they saw Bacon yelling at the the victim and questioned if everything was ok.  Bacon showed them a "Junior Probation Officer" badge and told police he was an off-duty, part-time deputy.

The most ironic part? On his PSU biography page he said he was looking forward to a law enforcement career.

Bacon tweeted that there are two sides to every story and you shouldn't believe what you hear before making his account private.