Let's face it, the last few off seasons have been fairly boring in the world of college football.  Yes, we've now got the College Football Playoff.  Four of the five power conferences seem to be happy with their current amount of teams with the exception of the Big 12 that only has ten teams and no conference title game that brings in big money and big media.

Currently the members of the Big 12 are meeting in Phoenix for one of their many annual meetings.  According to a recent study, the Big 12 would increase their chances of making the college football playoffs by four percent if they expanded to twelve teams and hold a championship game.  The NCAA recently rescinded the twelve team requirement to hold a championship game.

CBS Sports is reporting that the Big 12 chances could improve up to fifteen percent if teams were added and a title game returned.  In the past, the Boise State Broncos have always been at the top of most pundits list.  However, that could be changing according to several published reports.  Let's take a look at the newest list of contenders according to SBnation.

The top two on the list are BYU and Cincinnati.   The Cougars national profile fits well within the Big 12 footprint.  The Bearcats would be an ideal travel partner for West Virginia, who currently is the most Eastern Campus.  Cincinnati's administration has been courting Big 12 officials for years waiting for an opening.

Houston, Memphis, UConn and Colorado State round out the top five.  The first two schools have been aggressively touting what they bring to the conference.  Boise State shows up around number eight on the list.  By no means is this list factual, however it reflects the opinion of some writers that there could be options besides Bronco Nation.

Teams, like those currently in the American, have beaten Power Five schools in recent years.  The days of BSU owning the underdog role could be over.  Perhaps staying within the Mountain West would help the Broncos.  They currently compete with programs of comparable size and resources.  If invited to the Big 12, does the school have the resources to fund additional athletic teams?  For now, it's all speculation, however look for the Big 12 to make a move in June.  That's when the fun will really begin.