Why this year will be Coach Pete's most challenging season.

Chris Petersen has beaten the odds during this entire career as a college football coach.  This year will be his toughest according to highly regarded college football analyst Phil Steele.  He predicts the Huskies have the nation's toughest schedule followed by Arkansas, Miami, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Coach Pete opens the season against Boise State on the Blue in what some regard as the 'biggest home game' ever in the Treasure Valley.  Personally Pete's home games against Oregon under Chip Kelly, and the last second loss to TCU were bigger games than this year.

I believe the winner of the TCU/BSU game wind up going to the Rose Bowl that year.  Win or lose, I don't believe either team will be facing the 20-30 million dollar pressure cooker that was that game.   While most folks favor the Broncos, it is important to remember two important factors.

The Broncos will be replacing the workhorse now NFL Running Back Jay Ajayi and winning quarterback Grant Hedrick.  Replacing those two stars is easier said than done.  The other item to watch is the 'Pete Factor.'  Ask Virginia Tech or Georgia what happens when Coach Pete has a year to prepare.  The results usually favor Pete's teams.

Win or lose the Huskies will face opponents who won 64.3% of their games according to Phil Steele. Their biggest challenge of the season will be facing Coach Sark's USC Trojans.  Some speculate that the schedule will be too much for UW.  I would politely remind them that this isn't Coach Pete's first or last rodeo.