Mike Leach is a great head coach, a law school graduate, a former talk show host, so when has something to say, people listen.  As his Washington State Cougars prepare to visit Boise to play the Bronco, Coach Leach had this to say about the iconic Blue Turf.

Leach expressed his concern for anyone who has coached at Boise State. He believes the Blue contributes to eye strain. Leach shared his comments during his weekly press conference that was covered by Seattle Times. Here's what the controversial coach said as stated in the article.

“I’m glad I don’t have to watch film on it every day, to be honest with you,” Leach said during his Monday press conference. “I think secretly those assistant coaches and those coaches at Boise, despite the fact it’s a trademark thing, would rather watch their guys practice on grass so the bodies, there’s a little more contrast with them, running around than on blue turf. I’d rather watch it on green than a variety of colors.”

Leach couldn't help himself by continuing by expanding on the myth that birds confuse the blue turf with water and crash into it. “I think animal-rights groups should keep an eye on it, so ducks don’t break their necks trying to dive in," he said.

No word from Coach Harsin on whether or not this will be locker room material. Perhaps Coach Leach should focus on his Cougars considering they were upset at home by Eastern Washington from football's FCS subdivision.