March Madness is like a three ring circus. Travel from room to room at Taco Bell arena and there's something different happening. In one room interviews are being conducted. Coaches and players taking their turn under the lights to answer questions both good and goofy. Mark Few the head coach of the Gonzaga Bulldogs was asked if the Zags are really considering moving from the West Coast Conference to the Mountain West. His answer was guarded saying "We have talked to a lot of people but this is the only conversation that leaked."

NCAA Interview Room

Few would neither confirm or deny the possibility of Gonzaga joining the Mountain West telling reporters "Our focus is elsewhere this week and hopefully for the next few weeks." As each interview was completed the media raced to the media room where two rows on tables with internet hook up and editing bays is set up to be edited and aired.

Press Tables

Meantime on the court each of the teams took their turn of about 40 minutes to practice. Gonzaga received a hardy welcome from the fans on hand in part because their a Northwest team but also because Boise State coach Leon RIce was a long time Gonzaga assistant and he and Mark Few have remained good friends. It's just fun to watch everyone get their bearings as they gravitate from one room to the other so as to not miss a moment of madness. As I mentioned earlier there is also the lunch and diner room which is different from the snack table. Todays lunch entre was hotdogs and hamburgers, potato salad, home made chips, ice cream sandwiches and pop.