The Boise State men's basketball team will play in new, complete sets of Nike uniforms in the upcoming 2018-19 season. The last time the team played in new sets of uniforms was the 2015-16 season.

The new uniforms will feature white, blue and black sets. The changes and modifications to this year's uniforms can be found below:

- Lighter, more breathable material.

- The logo on the front is different in all three uniforms, whereas in previous seasons it was the same.

Boise State University

- New piping that is consistent throughout all three sets.

- An up-to-date neck line and a more fitted short designed for performance.

- A narrower shoulder cut for increased upper body mobility.

Overall, the uniform is designed for player functionality while also providing a new, but yet traditional look that still embodies state-of-the-art uniform technology that Nike is known for.

Boise State University