Chris Petersen’s homecoming is great for Boise State. Here's why.  It seems like only yesterday that Chris Petersen was winning games for Boise State.  He not only piled up wins against the big boys, but was awarded the Bear Bryant Award for his outstanding work in coaching.  It’s hard to believe that this Friday Chris Petersen will be back on the blue, yet this time wearing purple coaching the Washington Huskies.

Bronco Fans will back their home team and for the first time since Chip Kelly visited while coaching Oregon the team, will wear blue on blue.  Coach Harsin understands the significance of the game.  It’s like going up against your teacher, parent, or mentor.  Both coaches have led the party crashing Broncos to Fiesta Bowl victories.

However, they’ll always be the first one.  The one that showed the world of college football that great coaching, passionate players and a loyal fan base can beat the unbeatable.  Just ask Adrian Peterson what he thinks of Oklahoma’s loss.  I’m sure it would be memorable.

Chris Petersen is too young to be named a Hall of Fame Coach.  One day he will be enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.  Coach Pete created and continued to raise the bar.  How many folks outside the Treasure Valley believed the Broncos would defeat perennial powers Virginia Tech and Georgia in consecutive years?   Pete made believers out of naysayers and in doing so propelled BSU to a national brand.  He showed his loyalty to BSU by turning down big money offers from Stanford and USC.

Coach Petersen may have left Boise, but the program has never left him.  Many ‘experts’ predicted that Washington would attempt to ‘buy’ its way out of Friday Night’s Game.  The Huskies have everything to lose and nothing to gain by playing on the Blue.  It’s a trap game for a young Washington team that is desperately trying to find its identity. So why did they agree to play at Albertson’s Stadium?

Pete told a national publication that he worked very hard during his time at BSU to get Power 5 teams to Boise.  He believes that college football can benefit from teams playing on the blue and didn’t want to take away from BSU’s success by punting on a return trip to Boise.  Just like in the big games, Coach Pete continues to make the right calls.  Win or lose, we’ll all be enjoying that play call Friday Night.