Peyton Manning is under fire off the field as opposed to on it.  No we're not talking about his future in Denver or the NFL.  It's about the year 1996, the year of Monica and Bill, and apparently Peyton and  Dr. Jamie Naughright, a the director health and wellness at Tennessee at that time.  The story broke over the weekend by Sean King of the NY Daily News. He revealed that court documents had been sent to him detailing the disputed inappropriate behavior by Manning.  He wrote that these documents would destroy Manning's image as Captain America and the Papa John's pitch man.

Sports Illustrated goes further in depth looking at the history of the litigation and settlements. I won't publish what happened in 1996 and the charges and counter charges.  You can just click the links above and make your own call.  Manning is innocent until proven guilty, however if was innocent why did he settle?  The bigger question is why did USA Today choose not to run the story when it was given to them several years ago?

What's next for Peyton Manning?  Hard to believe that the Super Bowl is a distant memory and the greatest danger to his legacy is from off the field and not on it.