Ranking the Broncos
Boise State football opens fall camp in less than one week, August 1st. That's right, the college football season is just around the corner and arm chair quarterbacks everywhere are comparing notes.
It has been a long time since the Boise State Broncos have not been the favorite or the co-favori…
Kayakers Collide With the North Fork
Like all Idaho rivers this year the North Fork of the Payette is running high and fast and that means kayakers participating in this weeks North Fork Championships will find the challenge all that more difficult.
The North Fork is best left to the experts and with the river running nearly 4,000 CFS h…
Idaho Potato Marathon Re-Calibrates
Every year the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon is mostly run on the Boise Greenbelt. This year the Boise Greenbelt is mostly closed because of river flooding and dangerous conditions.
That has marathon organizers re-calibrating a 26 mile course that would safely navigate more than 3,000 runners through …

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