Restoring youth with a magical, mystical drink from the Fountain of Youth is the stuff made of old legends but the legend is real, and its in Idaho.


A simple, rustic fountain tucked away in Northern Idaho has a touching story that'll make you young in a very different way than just simply drinking the magic water it pours.  Its in a town called Mullan near Lookout Pass.

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This was once a booming mining town and one of those miners, Elmer Almquist who was also a welder hand built our little masterpiece for a dear friend of his named Arnold.  There's no last name given, we only know his identity as Arnold and he was believed to die in a tragic mining accident.


Some know this fountain as "Elmer's Fountain" and some call it "Arnold's Fountain."  The water comes from nearby Gold Creek snow runoff which comes down the steep slopes of the old Gold Creek Mine and it still maintains enough pressure to run the fountain year round.

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The Elmer family owns the land this fountain sits on and its said to be the purest and most delicious water in the entire state of Idaho.  People from all over the world visit to pledge their love and friendship to one another.  Through this fountain, people feel younger, happier, more energized, and a connection to others in a way that is... magical.