As most of the MMA world gets ready for UFC 200 in Las Vegas, let's take a look at the fallout from UFC 199.  Can you believe that the 'Count' Michael Bisping is now a world champion?  An incredible performance considering that he took fight on short notice.    I now believe that Dominick Cruz is the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC.  Despite his four years due to injury, the Dominator has reclaimed the 135 division with a vengeance.  He personally dismantled his longtime nemesis Urijah Faber.  The 'California Kid' must now face the prospect that his best days are behind him.  Few fighters in their late thirties have the same athletic prowess that they did in their early twenties.  Faber is the ultimate competitor.  After several failed attempts at the UFC Title, he may now face the fact that his championships will be from WEC and not Zuffa.

I believe the next mega fight for the UFC should be Cruz v. Mcgregor.  Let's make it at a catch weight of 140?  Could you imagine the cerebral Cruz taking on the charismatic Mcgregor?  Nevermind the fight, the buildup would be legendary.

The UFC announced the return of Brock Lesnar.  Is this really necessary?  Lesnar was a great draw, but was a bust as a champion.  So fans are now suppose to believe that Brock, after years in sports entertainment, is now a legitimate title contender?  The UFC is better than that, however without Diaz/Mcgregor they need a draw for pay per view buys.  If you'd like a history of the UFC and how they continue to dominate sports, check out the link here from the New York Times.  I recommend it.  A great read for UFC fans.

Still have questions about Dominick Cruz?  Check out his post fight comments here.