If you aren't from Idaho, you'll never understand our love for huckleberries.  I love them soooo much.  Because I know just how hard huckleberry hunting and picking really are. So I really appreciate huckleberry pie, jam, Vodka, ice cream etc.


I also grew up on a farm and understand that you can tell when your home, not just by sight, but by the smell of the cattle or in our case, the pigs.

I can appreciate, that growing up in a small rural community, if I began hitchhiking, I knew I would get a ride within 5 minutes from someone who knew me or knew my parents.  If our sports team made the state tournament, there was only a handful of people left in town to make sure the lights got turned off.

These are just a few of the strange weird things that only those of us who live in Idaho understand.



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